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Wabash Mfg Inc. - Lube Trucks, Lube Skids and Lube Islands

We build heavy-duty lubrication vehicles or skids with a variety configurations including lube trucks and lube skids.

At Wabash, our Lube Trucks and Lube Skids offer your operation the ideal solution for your preventative maintenance regime. Developed for wide-ranging Industrial applications, we proudly offer time and field tested designs, but also pride ourselves in our fabrication expertise.
Lube trucks, lube skids, lube islands and preventative maintenance trucks are customized to adhere to the specific service needs of our clients and their unique operating conditions.
Our affiliation with Caterpillar OEM Solutions Group has allowed us to focus our design for the best integration with Caterpillar tractor in creating Cat Fuel Trucks. Our Lube Truck bodies vary in size, and format, and are customizable to almost any available chassis.  
Call Dan Hunt or Mark Mortensen at 780-349-4282 for more information on Wabash Lube Trucks, Lube Skids and Lube Islands.

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