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Tracked Elevating Device (TED)

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TED® (tracked elevating device) was designed specifically to eliminate suspended load hazards associated with bulldozer belly plate removal.  Being a remote controlled, battery powered, self propelled all terrain jack; TED® significantly reduces the risk of workplace injuries, bulldozer downtime and float costs.


TEDs® skid-steer track system is easy to control, provides excellent maneuverability and allows all terrain capability. This sets TED apart from other jacks in operation today as it allows in-the-field servicing, thereby eliminating the recovery costs associated with floating bulldozers back to the workshop.


Not only is TED® the most efficient way of removing bulldozer belly plates,it is also by far the safest. The ability to control TED® via a wireless remote control greatly reduces the need for personnel to be subjected to suspended load hazards.


TED® has an array of attachments available which greatly reduces the need for workers to push, pull or carry heavy loads in and around the workshop.

Attachments can also be custom built to suit your needs if necessary, current attachments available include:

  • DozerBlade

  • Track Roller Carrier

  • Stand LocatingTool

  • Cutting Edge Tool

  • Steer Cylinder Cradle

  • Slope jig

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